Sagar Shah

The 21st century world is a rat race and to acquire position in this era becomes vital. So to give a start to my career. I Sagar Sameeer Shah joined Autocrat Coaching Classes in VIII stdand now I am pursuing Mechanical Engineering from Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai. The credit for reaching this zenith goes to my teachers. I, the only F.E., student was able to get into a group which made on ATV (All Terrain Vehicle),a life size monster truck, this group consisted of 15 members each hailing from T.E., and B.E. to get a place in this group I was thoroughly tested by my seniors. Due to the knowledge provided by my teachers, my efforts bore fruits, and our vehicle ranked 2nd in the country and 23rd in the world in the off-road event which was held in Alabama USA. I was not only acquainted with the theoretical knowledge but also by the pragmatic facts which is helping me in each and every step towards success. Under the tutelage of our physics teacher, I was able to grasp the most significant concepts regarding the working of various system, which proved to be of great help in the mechanical branch besides the fundamentals taught to me by Ali sir according to me, ”Success is not measured by the position achieved but by the obstacles overcome.” With the combined efforts of my teachers I was able to bring laurels to my college.

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