A Tribute to Sir Ali Khamusi!

Sometimes you meet someone in your life that carelessly showed snippets of genuine kindness, never realising how much profound impact it would have in your heart. It touches your soul in a very special way. That’s the kind of impact Sir Ali Khamusi had imbued in our senses. There are so many things we feel but are unable to put into words, because the influence he had on our lives is one that is unable to be comprehended, even by a math prodigy like him. Read More.

Students’ Testimonials

Muskaan Shraogi

I was inspired to learn by Autocrat Coaching Classes. This place is a temple of sacred learning. This is the point from where my journey in the sea of knowledge began. And as I have been going on exploring this sea, I realized that it [...]


8/1/2015 Myself Sakshi, a bona fide student of Autocrat Coaching classes, Akola. I have been learning here since 2 years and that too in a way which is simply “FANTASTIC”. Today I can solve Mathematics confidently, can carry out scientific experiment fearlessly and can express [...]


8/1/2015 In Autocrat, I am since 9th standard; I have been able to learn new skills in a non-stressful environment. Here I met people who are willing to help me with professionalism and understanding. Now I look at issues from a different perspective, the best [...]


8/1/2015 Since I joined coaching classes I have been assisted by different staff depending on my needs at that particular time and their friendly attitude and kindness while helping me definitely warrants acknowledgement! However, what has prompted me to come to this page today is [...]


8/1/2015 All I thought about myself before joining the Autocrat classes was that I was a raw student. But after the influence of the Autocrat family, I think I have become a student in complete sense. As I flash back into my memory of the [...]


Firstly I feel dignified to be a small part of this glorious institution known to everyone by the name Autocrat. Everyone has pinned their faith to this institution and are getting gratifying results. This institution has reached the pink of perfection. Here we are taught [...]


8/1/2015 I am a student of “Autocrat Coaching Classes” and I want to Share my experience regarding this prestigious coaching class. I am in STD 9th now. Last year in 2nd terminal examination of STD 8th, I had chalked up A2 grade in my 9th [...]

Kaainaath Khan (IX)

Joining the ‘autocrat Institute  is really an achievement I must say. Until last year I never went for any tuitions or coaching classes, not even for Sanskrit. But due to increasing standard, without any external assistance, Maths and Sanskrit had really become nightmares for me. [...]

Anshul Agrawal

If I have to attribute my success to one single factor, it will undoubtedly be AUTOCRAT COACHING CLASSES. The input and support that I received was nothing short of extraordinary.  When I passed and was promoted to std X, I took my time choosing the [...]

Sagar Shah

The 21st century world is a rat race and to acquire position in this era becomes vital. So to give a start to my career. I Sagar Sameeer Shah joined Autocrat Coaching Classes in VIII stdand now I am pursuing Mechanical Engineering from Somaiya College [...]