Myself Sakshi, a bona fide student of Autocrat Coaching classes, Akola. I have been learning here since 2 years and that too in a way which is simply “FANTASTIC”. Today I can solve Mathematics confidently, can carry out scientific experiment fearlessly and can express my thoughts and ideas through flawlessly. But this wasn’t my condition 2 years back. But what made me a pertinacious student from a sluggard one is the kind tutelage of teachers here. The concept of every subject were not taught to just mug it up but to understand it which would help us in the long run and this is the reason why the subject like Social-Science , Marathi which used to bring nightmares earlier have now made my concept clear. Initially, I wasn’t that good at solving Mathematics and applying knowledge to science but the way in which we were taught to solve and apply knowledge made me confident. I was even a shrinking violet earlier as I was not confident regarding my language but what invigorated my vocabulary were the innumerable words, idioms, phrases taught here. And, above all these were the words of wisdom which made us to excel. What I can assure myself is that today I am “nobody” but the endless efforts of teachers would tomorrow make me somebody in front of “everybody”.


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