Kaainaath Khan (IX)

Joining the ‘autocrat Institute  is really an achievement I must say. Until last year I never went for any tuitions or coaching classes, not even for Sanskrit. But due to increasing standard, without any external assistance, Maths and Sanskrit had really become nightmares for me. The success in my exams was broadly due to Languages and social sciences. So my parents decided to take my admission in Autocrat Coaching Classes. Slowly, & started improving in my Maths and Sanskrit. And voila! I was surprised by the changes and improvements which & experienced writhing myself & was able to understand Sanskrit better than before. The maths problems seemed like a child’s play.

Honestly speaking, Autocrat has been a great help. The teachers are quite understanding and create a friendly atmosphere due to which everyone enjoys learning Each and every concept is cleared taking into account the child’s grasping power.

Even though I haven’t had any experience of tuitions and coaching classes, but still I must say that no other institute can be better and can surpass may interest for ‘Autocrat Coaching Classes’

I am proud to be an ‘AutocratIAN’

Kaainaat Khan

                                                                                                                              Std. 9th, Batch- A

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