A Tribute to Sir Ali Khamusi!

Sometimes you meet someone in your life that carelessly showed snippets of genuine kindness, never realising how much profound impact it would have in your heart. It touches your soul in a very special way. That’s the kind of impact Sir Ali Khamusi had imbued in our senses. There are so many things we feel but are unable to put into words, because the influence he had on our lives is one that is unable to be comprehended, even by a math prodigy like him. Read More.


The winners and participants who received certificates of Technothlon 2015 robotic competition held at COET, Akola First photo: Ali Sir, Ameer Khan, Yasir Khan and Vidyasagar Sir. Bottom photo: All the students of Yantram Robotic Workshop, who participated in Technothlon 2015 event. Keep it up [...]

Today our students of Yantram Robotic Workshop, Yasir & Amir Khan and Arjun Agrawal secured First and Second prize in Black Line Following Robotic Competition. The event was TECHNOTHLON 2015 conducted at Shivaji Engineering College (COETA), Akola. We are proud of you dear students…! Keep [...]

Today the second session of Yantram Robotic Workshop for the students of Autocrat was completed. This session was unique because all the students were specifically interested in the hardware rather than software. Workshop Album | Workshop Videos | Source Codes | Vidyasagar Sir@FC | Students [...]