About us!

Autocrat educational institute popularly known as Ali Sir’s coaching classes is the pioneer institution in initiating the efforts to club the teaching of all the subjects under one roof so that the students can get the maximum benefit without wasting a single precious moment of their career building phase. Even though it is a coaching institution here utmost care is taken for the nurturing good habits, reinforcing discipline in the child, generating studying habit on regular basis.

Teaching Methodology:

We don’t practice the spoon –feeding habit instead of that the child is made to first analyze is difficulties or problems and then it is been solved by expert teacher till the time all the queries of the students are satisfied.

Any topic is first taught and explained thoroughly by the teacher, then the students revise and if they have a problem they solve it without any hesitation or fear.

Attendance Pattern to avoid Absenteeism:

Like the school, attendance for every class is conducted regularly without fail if the child tends to remain absent for more than 3 days a call is made to the parents or guardian to enquire about the reason of absenteeism. It is not that, if the child is out of sight he is out of mind of the teacher. It is not that, we just take admission and increase the number of students and then are not even aware of even the student’s name.

Modern day techniques to aid teaching technology:

We have Digital Boards to enhance and help us in our teaching techniques. The technology serves has a boon for the students as understanding difficult concepts of physics are made easier by 3D presentation, even many concepts of biology like blood circulation and working of heart and brain now can be understood easily. Social Studies has now become a favorite subject because all the history is presented in a very lively way. The digital board technology along with the teacher’s explanation makes all the concepts easier to understand for all the students.

Activities: Here at Autocrat we contact various activities to boast the all-round development of the child. Various seminars, Guest Lectures Field Trips are conducted to practically educate the students. As the society plays an important role in an individual’s life, activities to prove social awareness among them are also conducted.

Parent Teacher Communication

Educating a child is a process in which parent, teacher and students all the three have to play their vital role and put in efforts to get fruitful results. Individually the goal cannot be achieved by any one. A healthy and regular communication is required between all the three. Keeping this in mind at Autocrat regular parent teacher meetings are conducted to discuss about the child’s academic progress, his/her overall development and general behavior. Apart from the regular meetings if the parents wish to meet the teacher they can call up at the institution to fix the time and meet the teacher. Vice-versa if the teacher wants to communicate with the parents about the child, they will call the parents to the institution and discuss their view point. Thus a three way healthy communication is conducted with the only goal of adding new dimension to the child’s progress.

Discipline: Here the quality of discipline is incorporated in the students. They are taught the value of time and the value of punctuality. The periods are conducted regularly on time without fail.

In all we try to give our best to our students and even the students, when they get acquainted with our environment enjoy their academic studies and foster the qualities that we sow in them.