Starting New CBSE Batch for 8th std.

We’re proud to announce…adma

After successful attempt and stimulating feedback from the CBSE students of class 9th and 10th, we are launching 8th CBSE also.

Admissions are open for 11th JEE/PET, 10th, 9th,8th std CBSE and 8th, 7th, 6th,5th std State board.

Our main aim is to provide quality education…!

Join us and experience the difference…!

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Teaching Methodology:

We don’t practice the spoon –feeding habit instead of that the child is made to first analyze is difficulties or problems and then it is been solved by expert teacher till the time all the queries of the students are satisfied.

Any topic is first taught and explained thoroughly by the teacher, then the students revise and if they have a problem they solve it without any hesitation or fear.

Attendance Pattern to avoid Absenteeism:

Like the school, attendance for every class is conducted regularly without fail if the child tends to remain absent for more than 3 days a call is made to the parents or guardian to enquire about the reason of absenteeism. It is not that, if the child is out of sight he is out of mind of the teacher. It is not that, we just take admission and increase the number of students and then are not even aware of even the student’s name.

Visit our “About Page” for complete details about us.