The big talent search bonanza

During the festive month of October, At Autocrat the students were also having a feast of knowledge with their judicious participation in the guidance camp organized specially for ‘Talent Search Examination’ from 26 Oct 2014 to 29 Oct 2014.

The camp proved very fruitful for the students and succeeded in achieving its goal of rendering the students with the best techniques of solving the papers in the given span of time, explained the nitty-gritty of the subjects and the topics and the tenet.

Presences of guest like Ram Kane Sir, Laxman Malusare Sir added flavour to the feast, they guided the student cleared their difficulties, doubts and misconception related to the examination and helped them to pursue knowledge with clear and unsullied mind.

Ram Kane Sir who is a veteran of his subject, a board member, author of Maharashtra State Education Board’s Mathematics Textbook and presently a mathematician with Vadiya College Pune took a lot of efforts.

Laxman Malusure Sir the honorable member and author of Maharashtra State Board’s Geography text book also worked hard to nurture examination details in the students.

The inaugural ceremony proved to be a great success with the presence of a throng of parents and teachers the ceremony was graced by the notable presence of Ali Sir, Jawale Sir and Mr. Rathod Sir. The students enthusiastically participated in the program by anchoring the program and expressing their views the anchors Abhi Bilala and Meehir vora were exuberant. The students Naman Bansal, Nikita Agrawal and Juhi Kehtan were judicious in expressing their views, Aditi Baheti presented the vote of thanks.

Parents wished and expressed their intense desire that this kind of educative programs should be conducted more frequently in the near future. And expressed their humble gradation.